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About Stock Charter Services
Stock Charter


128 Wellington Street West
Suite 201
Barrie, ON, L4N 1K9

Our more than 15 customer service centers are located throughout the provinces of Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Alberta.
Stock Charter is an extension of Stock Transportation, the Canadian student transportation division of National Express LLC (NELLC), the North American subsidiary of National Express Group, PLC, one of the premier transportation firms in the United Kingdom.
We provide customer focused transportation services, including charter bus trips, school field trips, bus shuttles and logistics planning for events of all sizes. Event planners and organizations throughout the Canada partner with Stock Charter to experience best in class customer service, cost efficiencies and safety.


Stock Transportation was founded by brothers Jeff and Jerry Stock in Bailieboro, Ontario, in 1958 and their sons, Brian, Dan and Barry, built upon the original foundation. This family-owned and operated company has provided transportation services to students and charter passengers throughout Canada and the United States for over half a century.
Today, Stock Transportation operates more than 3,400 buses in 4 provinces. Our head office for Stock is located in Barrie,ON, and houses some of the leadership, administrative and support functions for the organization, while our local customer service centers (CSCs) are supported by regional operations teams located throughout the country.


We are strongly committed to providing quality bus transportation, outstanding customer service, positive employee relations and the highest level of safety possible.
As a national company, we have a wealth of resources available to our customers, and continue to offer a level of local support that is unmatched by other bus companies.
For information on charter bus transportation in the United States, please contact our affiliate company Durham School Services. Or, for more information on our parent company, contact National Express LLC (NELLC).

Charter Bus Rental Professional DriverSAFETY AND PROFESSIONALISM

Yellow Buses = Safety
Yellow school buses are one of the safest modes of road transportation. . .
School buses are manufactured to comply with 37 Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, the highest number of standards issued for public transportation.
Stock Charter employs a “safety first” culture. All employees strive to identify the safest way to operate, approaching safety from a holistic point of view, from the passengers to the workplace. Employee training programs stress our commitment to safety. Our pledge of safety resonates throughout the organization, from our drivers to the board room. As part of normal operations, Stock conducts an exhaustive employee background screening process, extensive driver safety training, and continuous school bus safety training to ensure that only the most qualified drivers and staff are employed with Stock. We also conduct daily random bus safety inspections

Our Drivers

Because we provide student transportation, our drivers go through a selection and training process much more rigorous than that of other bus companies. You will find our drivers are the most professional, courteous and responsible in the bus transportation services industry.
Stock Charter services areas in Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Alberta.
The costs per hour listed here are for informational purposes, based on typical charter trips in different markets. Possible factors affecting the actual cost include, but are not limited to, event duration, travel distance, number of participants, geographic location, and cost of fuel.