can accommodate approximately:
48 Adults or
50-60 School-aged children
can accommodate approximately:
15 Adults or
20-30 School-aged children
Starting as low as $50.00*
*Average savings. See Below.
Typical Costs
30% - 60% Savings vs. Coach
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When looking to travel with a large group of people for an affordable rate, renting a large school bus should be on your list.

We offer both large charter bus rentals and small or mini bus rentals that will provide a comfortable ride for your travel group. Our fleet also includes a variety of wheelchair accessible charter buses that easily accommodate those with disabled transportation needs.

Large buses have capacity to accommodate approximately 50 adults and 50-60 school aged children. Small buses have capacity to accommodate approximately 15 adults and 20-30 school aged children.

Why is a school bus the best choice for charter rentals?

The school bus possesses superior safety. Each bus receives scheduled preventative maintenance by a certified technician.

The special chrome yellow color is supplemented by distinctive black markings and lights, all intended at making the bus visible in various kinds of weather and traffic. Buses are equipped with two-way radios, allowing drivers and districts to be in constant communication.

School bus rentals are ideal for large groups travel. The most common uses are for field trips, recreation league sports teams, family reunions, religious transportation, camps and youth groups, business events, and nonprofit organizations. Another event that’s becoming more popular is weddings. The bride and groom will never forget taking a school bus to and from the wedding, along with their wedding party!

One of the advantages of renting a school bus is the affordability factor; dollar for dollar, they are considerably more economical than coach buses. Other advantages include Stock Charter Services will give you the advantage of flexible routing and logistics planning.

We will work with you to select a bus type that will meet your group's needs, with bus options that include:

Large School Buses

If your next group travel excursion requires a bus with a lot of seating, rent one of Stock’s large buses. Our large school buses comfortably accommodate larger groups, with an average seating capacity of approximately 50 adults and 50-60 school age children.

If you need a spacious bus for a trip with a large group, contact Stock Charter and ask about all of our large charter bus options. Bus fleet varies by location.​

Small School Buses
Wheelchair accessible Buses
Stock Charter services areas in Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Alberta.
The costs per hour listed here are for informational purposes, based on typical charter trips in different markets. Possible factors affecting the actual cost include, but are not limited to, event duration, travel distance, number of participants, geographic location, and cost of fuel.