can accommodate approximately:
48 Adults or
50-60 School-aged children
can accommodate approximately:
15 Adults or
20-30 School-aged children
Starting as low as $50.00*
*Average savings. See Below.
Typical Costs
30% - 60% Savings vs. Coach
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Large School Buses
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Small School Buses
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Wheelchair Accessible Buses
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Our Buses

Features of Stock Charter buses:

  • Newer fleet
  • Lifts for wheelchairs*
  • Lighting
  • LED lights
  • GPS
  • Cameras*
  • 2-way radios

*available on some vehicles


Large buses can accommodate approximately 50 adults and 50-60 school aged children. Small buses can accommodate approximately 15 adults and 20-30 school aged children.


Our charter specialists will work with you to determine the right size bus to meet your needs based on total number of passengers and any additional cargo, e.g. luggage.

Large And Small Charter Bus Services

Yellow Buses = Safety

School buses are manufactured to comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, the highest standards issued for public transportation.


Stock Charter employs a “safety first” culture. All employees strive to identify the safest way to operate, approaching safety from a holistic point of view, from the passengers to the workplace. Employee training programs stress our commitment to safety. Our pledge of safety resonates throughout the organization, from our drivers to the board room. As part of normal operations, Stock conducts an exhaustive employee background screening process, extensive driver safety training, and continuous school bus safety training. We also have daily bus safety inspections.

Rider safety rules
  • Follow the instructions of the bus driver.
  • Remain in your seat while the bus is in motion.
  • Keep your head and arms inside the bus.
  • Keep aisles clear at all times.

Our Drivers

Because we provide student transportation, our drivers go through a selection and training process much more rigorous than that of other bus companies. You will find our drivers are the most professional, courteous and responsible in the bus transportation services industry

Stock Charter services areas in Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Alberta.
The costs per hour listed here are for informational purposes, based on typical charter trips in different markets. Possible factors affecting the actual cost include, but are not limited to, event duration, travel distance, number of participants, geographic location, and cost of fuel.